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Howard University, Washington D.C. 

M.F.A. Film Studies 

Thesis Film: A Lovers Call

Advisors: Haile Gerima, Andrew Millington, Dr. Sulayman Nyang


San Francisco State University

B.A. Speech & Communication Emphasis in Performance  


-Launchpad Grant: Alliance for a Healthier World - Johns Hopkins University 

-Research & Development: Southern Documentary Fund - You're Muslim? 

-Emerging Voices Directors Lab: New Orleans Film Society - Mystic She


2019- 2022

Johns Hopkins University - Filmmaker in Residence - Sociology Department, The Arrighi Center for Global Studies 


You're Muslim? documentary (development) 







YOU’RE MUSLIM? is about Najma’s upbringing, identity, and community. This story will be told from an honest, raw, and reflective space. Archival footage will visualize the African American Muslim experience through Najma's lens.  Animation will be used to retell key moments in her childhood. And interviews with her parents will be conducted intimately while they move about their daily lives. 

My Sisters - short film - 2021









Distance, short narrative - 2020



Black Film Festival of New Orleans

Idlewild International Film Festival


Mystic She, web-series - 2020







Not In My Neighbourhood - feature doc, co-producer - 2018






Not in My Neigbourhood tells the intergenerational stories of the ways in which ordinary citizens respond to the policies, process, and institutions driving contemporary forms of spatial violence and gentrification in Cape Town, New York, and São Paulo. Watch on Kweli TV & Kanopy 


  • Luxor African International Film Festival: Premiere
  • Encounters Film Festival: Audience Award
  • American Black Film Festival: Best Documentary 

  • Africa International Film Festival: Jury Prize Outstanding Film 

  • BlackStar Film Festival

  • CaribbeanTales International Film Festival

  • Silicon Valley African Film Festival

  • Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival

  • Ortigia Film Festival

  • Durban International Film Festival 

  • South Africa National Arts Film Festival  

  • One World Film Festival  

  • Patois Film Festival 

  • Muizenberg Film Festival  

  • Toronto South African Film Festival 

  • Tri-Continental Human Rights Film Festival 

  • Mostra Itinerante de Cinemas Negros Mahomed

  • Zanzibar International Film Festival 

  • Festival de finos filmes 

  • Africlap Cinémas d'Afrique 

  • Bushwick Film Festival

  • Centro Afrocarioca de Cinema

  • Africa Rising International Film Festival 

  • San Antonio Black International Film Festival

When I See Love - short film - 2014









Since the moment I first heard this song in the early 2000's on the Soul Deluxe Mix by Dj Sake 1 I've loved it and had visions of what a music video for it might look like. Every time I played this mix I would imagine a video for it over and over, these visions never seemed to fade. So, I finally decided to act on this imagination. It's such a powerful song in my opinion because unlike many times when love is spotted between two lovers in public, it's ignored or frowned upon. This song simply says "when I see love, between two loves, makes me wanna love again." Love can inspire and uplift. Be happy when you see love and make more of it. 


Cape Melodies - short film - 2013 














A Lovers Call, short film - 2012







Aasim, a young single Muslim man living in Washington DC has an instant connection with a beautiful poet named Kala. After spending more time with her, Aasim realizes she isn't Muslim. He is torn by his new discovery of attraction towards Kala and the principles of his own faith.

Length 25min Watch On Kweli TV

Festivals & Screenings: 

Blackstar Film Festival

Zanzibar International Film Festival

Black August Film Festival

Artland Temporium 

Brothas N Arms: The Art The Drive The Roots, short doc - 2011








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